Hawcroft & Iron Ore Operations

Hawcroft provides risk management services to the mining industry, using our knowledge, perception and expertise to offer true foresight.

Iron Ore – The Challenges

  1. Large-scale end-to-end operations with critical interdependency between sites
  2. Transportation and infrastructure are multi-facetted including rail and sea
  3. Significant volumes so any interruption can have immediate and high-value consequences
  4. Requirement for large Tailings Storage Facilities
  5. Autonomous equipment operation often with distant centralised operations

Our Work

  1. We work extensively across the Pilbara in Western Australia and at over 60 Iron Ore sites worldwide
  2. At most sites our risk assessments are of the end-to-end operation – mining, processing, tailings storage, fire protection, utilities, transportation, ports and infrastructure
  3. We also assess new mine construction or mine expansion, whether surface or underground
  4. Our reports are all-encompassing or of a specific activity to include insurance risk surveys, construction risk reviews, asset criticality and specialty assessments of high or complex risks
Hawcroft Iron map